Track Record:

  1. We have an extensive track record of implementing successful asset investment related projects in the world-wide utility sector:

  2. Understanding the asset management business model and tailoring it to achieve business strategy.

  3. Developing and customising our generic asset management processes to meet their environment, drivers and business strategy.

  4. Developing an effective organisation, with supporting role descriptions, to deliver the business processes and business outputs.

  5. Understanding their current capability, determine levels of ambition and then develop a prioritised and costed transformation roadmap.

  6. Developing an integrated approach to asset management, capital delivery, operations, customer service and investment planning.  The methods, approaches and tools employed deliver maximum value when integrated into a consistent framework.

  1. Our consultancy services are focussed on utility businesses to maximise return from investment and expenditure.

  2. We are constantly developing our thinking and invest heavily in developing and refining new products and services.  We are active across a number of asset-centric industry sectors and aim to bring cross-industry experience to bear on all our projects.  We keep abreast of industry developments and actively research, understand and develop best practice capabilities to provide to our clients.  Our underlying approaches and products are very much in-line with those advocated by Ofwat, Ofgem and the leaders in other industries; they align to the IAMM, they support PAS-55 accreditation, and are aligned with AMPAP and other best practice techniques.